Right Sizing Traffic & Leads for a Home Builder

We worked with a local home builder through 2018 to revamp their lead generation process and ensure the leads they were getting were well qualified based on price, location and readiness to build. Prior to coming to Antidote 71, they were focused on quantity - get as much traffic to the website and as many leads as possible. This created a lot of waste in follow up for people well outside of their trade area.




Lead Generation


  • Eliminate wasteful traffic to the website—our goal was to actually reduce the amount of traffic coming in
  • Limit lead follow up to only those within the specific trade area for the home builder
  • Use automation to politely let down those outside of the trade area, so they aren't left hanging with no follow up
  • Reduce the amount of time required for follow up from builder staff
  • Increase qualified leads


Our team worked with our client to develop a solid understanding of their trade area and goals.

One of the key insights was that they weren't looking to increase the quantity of homes they built in a given year, but rather to find qualified prospects for their model homes before finish—to shorten the time to sale.

These key insights helped us to develop a strategy to reduce overall web traffic while increasing the number of qualified prospects for new homes.

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Prior to our engagement, this builder was using one generic landing page for inquiries with a drop down on the form to select the model home desired. We revamped the core website to feature all of the model homes available, and allow potential customers to click through to a specific landing page for their desired home. This approach allowed for a more streamlined system to promote the homes that were already built or in progress, and drive more traffic to those most likely to choose one of those homes.

Additionally, we revamped the one sheets for each home, showcasing the home selected on the front and featuring all model homes (by size) on the back of the PDF download. This helped showcase each home while providing an overview of the breadth of selection the builder offered.


Once the strategy and landing pages were in place, the only thing left was to ensure the team's employees weren't chasing leads outside their area, or who weren't interested in talking about building.

Our team built out thank you emails for qualified prospects, or those who needed more time, and 'break up' emails for those outside the trade area.

Hot prospects were forwarded directly to the sales team for follow up and casual lookers were put into a drip campaign to keep them warm for a time when they were finally ready to build.

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Wasted Web Traffic Filtered Out

(without compromising lead generation)


Increase in Qualified Leads


Time Wasted Following Up on Unqualified Leads

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