Learn how search engines and listing sites see your business—and if it's easy for people to find you

Did you know that 13 major data aggregators serve your businesses name, address, phone and other details to hundreds of thousands of websites across the internet?

Having inaccurate informaton on these aggregators means missing out on prospective customers who search the web or use map applications to find services.

our Local Listings Audit examines:

  • Presence — Do you have a Facebook Business Page & Google Busines Page and show up on all 13 major aggregators?

  • Completeness — Are your listings complete with photos, website, hours, address, phone and other data allowed by each aggregator?

  • Accuracy — Is the information in your listing correct?

  • Duplication — Are there confusing duplicates for your business or do you have duplicate listings with an old business name?

  • Map Presence — Is your listing optimized on Google Maps, Bing Maps and Apple Maps?

once you submit your request, we get to work for you

Fill out the form on the right and we'll begin your local listing audit within 24 hours (we need your zip code and phone number to perform the audit).

We'll then reach out to schedule a meeting in the next 7 days to review your audit and our recommendations.